Barry's Tickets SoCal Offices - Encino Office is One of Five

You may or may not have heard of Barry's Ticket Service. It is a ticket agency located throughout Los Angeles and Orange County and has been around for over twenty-five years. There are dozens of agencies who have managed to master the fascinating the world of the secondary market, but few agencies have discovered the lasting power of Barry's. Not to mention their prominent online presence.
So what is it that sets apart Barry's Tickets from the other agencies? Well, as someone who has been a customer for years and an avid event go-er, I can tell you that it's not just one thing that distinguishes this broker from their competitors. For starters, Barry's is the only agency who stocks actual, physical tickets in their inventory. Other agencies I've tried to become a loyal customer of will sell you a seat in a section and row "range" so to speak, but don't actually have the tickets to sell. So they will have to somehow acquire those tickets for you. That does not always go over so well! You may often find that a set of tickets for the worst seats in the house shows up on your doorstep the day of the event and you've no choice but to just take them.
I've also found Barry's Tickets to be highly selective about their ticket inventory. Rather than just acquiring massive amounts of sub-par seats and selling them for a two-dollar profit, you will find that Barry's actually has a decent inventory of tickets and prices them affordably. It is obvious they are more discriminating in what they decide to buy and sell for their customers.
Barry's tries hard to be accessible to the entire Los Angeles area. They have five offices, including one in Orange County. The Barry's Ticket Service Encino Office is the one that's closest to me. And thank heaven for that because I'd hate to have to drive to their Holiday Inn office, which is downtown, to grab tickets on the day of an event that is in the opposite direction! Located at 16161 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA, it is always a relief that the Encino office is so conveniently located whenever I order tickets that are close to the date of the event, leaving no time for shipping.
I've done both however! I've enjoyed the reliability of Barry's Tickets for so long that I have both had the pleasure of picking up my tickets from the Encino Office as well as having my tickets shipped for me. That is another great thing about Barry's Ticket Service; I've never once had an issue with receiving my tickets. If I order tickets online and want them shipped, I've received my tickets on time without fail. If I would rather pick them up or I order my tickets so close to the event that shipping is not feasible, the Encino office always gets my tickets to their office in a timely manner so I can pick them up, no matter which office actually stocked the tickets I bought.


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